The word "Hon Don" in Vietnamese means chaotic. The chaos does not only come from the outside but also comes from our internal mindset. It describes quite well the situation that I was in as well as many other international students when the pandemic started to spread widely in the States.
As the virus spreads all over the world, back in March 2020, some people started blaming the Asian community. I experienced verbal harassment on the street from the people that didn'tĀ even know me. Some of my Asian fellows were even physically abused by random people. It is unfortunate that racism is spreading even quicker than the virus.
This is a small message to all of my friends, families, and to all human beings out there. In the middle of the chaos, staying at home, all I can really do now is to tell my loved ones to take care and stay safe. No matter who you are, where you are from, I hope that you are doing well.

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