- Tea origin: Tibet
- Audience: Minimalist
- Concept: Expensive casual
- The first "T" in TBET can be understood as "Tea" but also has the same pronunciation as "Ti" in Tibet.
- One of the main point of this project is to break through the typeface stereotype of its origin country. You don't necessarily need to use a Tibetan typeface to show the "authentic" of the product.

Final design
- Tibet occupies a vast area of plateaus and mountains in Central Asia, and The Plateau of Tibet is the principal source of the rivers of East, Southeast, and South Asia. 
- The patterns symbolize plateaus and mountains, which represent the geography of Tibet. 
- The color choice of blues and browns also depicts colors of river and mountain.
- The symbol inside the circle of the logo is the word "tea" in Tibetan but being rotated to the left to create a mountain icon that also represent Tibet's geography.

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